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The Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) provides consultancy in the translational research & innovations, technology transfer, infrastructure developments and R&D by facilitating the leaderships in the new age Sci-Tech for industrial empowerments. Institute maintains its advanced Material Science and Technology research outreach with the collaboration of top researchers, institution, and industries in the field. Over hundreds of top scientific professionals and technocrats affiliated with our support facility programs. Considering the consumer demand, we intend to designed and optimized materials through interdisciplinary research of broad disciplines including physics, chemistry, engineering, medical, nanoscience, mathematical modelling, and biology. Institute offer consultancy and internships for material professionals and help in establishment of advanced and innovative ideas into the industrial technology for their commercialization prospects.
Presently, IAM keeps specific research themes of advanced material science, engineering and technology on top priority to foster the innovation and technology.

A- Material Science and Nanotechnology:

Institute predominately involved with the material science and nanotechnology-based research and developments in various materials, by modification at atoms and molecules levels for example surface, semiconductors, micro-fabrication etc., which directed to generate solids or alloy systems with novel properties such as solubility, strength etc. Material science and nanotechnology based research provide innovation and technical excellence, beyond expectations.

B- Composite Materials:

Our researcher engaged in real-world applications of composite materials, as it provides the unique properties to any materials including strength, conductions etc., with wide range applications in automobiles, aerospace, infrastructure industry, health sector, electrical devices, anti-corrosive and anti-static surface coatings.

C- Technological Interfaces:

At present, healthcare interfaces and advance materials involved with digital solutions and fulfill the important requirement for any health-related challenges. Development of smart materials for easy diagnosis and treatment of global health issues such as infectious disease, chronic disease, diabetes neurological disorders, obesity, drug resistance and others is our primary work. Additionally, we work on innovative idea of materials advancement for home diagnosis for example biosensors, theranostic nanomedicines and targeted system and devices.
Our in-house incubation, consultancy and global network systems assists for example materials characterization, their functional novelty including Material Science and Nanotechnology, Material Science and Medical Science etc., their intellectual properties (IPR), appropriate business model and advanced digital marketing platforms which could play key role in establishment of advancing the materials at world-class benchmark.
The institute emphases on the global networking of experts to deliver innovation and technology to empower the industry specifically in the sectors of energy, materials, environment, transportation, electronics and healthcare.

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