About us
Objective of Sustainability

Institute of Advanced Materials has always been concerned about the major challenges that our planet faces right now. It is no secret that climate change and the deterioration of the environment is perhaps the biggest challenges that humankind has ever faced. There is an urgent need for the world to move towards achieving sustainability and make efforts to conserve environment. With these great challenges that the world faces, it is absolutely imperative that the sphere of science and research resolves and brings about solutions for the world to come over these problems. Institute of Advanced Materials believes that the right use of modern technology coupled with optimum and appropriate research can prove to be useful in tackling these problems effectively.
With this perspective, the Institute of Advanced Materials has set fixed goals and practices that it follows to maximize its contribution in this objective of the world to achieve sustainability. Since IAM works in the sectors of energy, environment, and health, the three of which are directly related to environment and sustainability, we make sure that we take all the necessary steps to further the world’s fight against climate deterioration. IAM is highly determined to using its scientific resources, research conducted by its network organizations and team members, along with all its works involving translational research, in order to further the agenda of world prosperity.
The year 2015 witnessed the United Nations General Assembly, along with all of its member states, adopting the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. In this agenda and resolution, the assembly listed as many as 17 sustainable development goals for the world to achieve by the year 2030 in order to bring about prosperity for the entire planet. Being an organization involved in scientific research and development initiatives, IAM is completely determined to work with in accordance with the United Nations’ agenda of sustainable development for 2030. IAM is of the view that the building a sustainable world for future is the most critical aim for the world right now. Therefore, IAM plans on utilizing all its resources and its research quotient to develop solutions and spread awareness regarding the need for sustainability.

Making optimum usage of the sphere of Advanced Materials

IAM has always been of the opinion that it is the duty of the scientific world to come up with solutions for the major world problems. Being deeply invested in the sphere of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology, IAM realizes that the sector holds immense potential to contribute towards the goal of achieve global sustainability. As the world progresses towards 2030, Institute of Advanced Materials has decided to utilize and focus a major part of its research pertaining to materials science towards devising methods to achieve sustainability. IAM considers it a priority to leverage all of its network, experience, and research activities into developing methods and ways to tackle the challenge of environment deterioration.

Preparing the sectors of energy, environment, and health

Institute of Advanced Materials is deeply invested in the sectors of Energy, Environment, and Health. Out of these three, Energy and Environment are directly linked to environment and its related issues. IAM does a lot of work involving translational research and similar projects to enhance the functioning and the business processes in these sectors. With the need to establish a sustainable environment, IAM is resolved to utilize these initiatives and projects to work forward in this direction. IAM even partners with organizations of all sizes and scale in order to prepare them to take forward the fight against climate and environment deterioration. As an organization deeply involved in science and technology, IAM considers it a responsibility to work forward to help the world achieve sustainability.

Pushing the realms of technology and innovation

Institute of Advanced Materials also believes that technology is the way forward for the world. Over the years, the organization has established a huge network of technocrats and experts that spans across the world. The world needs to find ways to keep on advancing technologically and still build a sustainable world. IAM partners with organizations all over the world and provides consultancy services on how they can build on their sustainability quotient. At the Institute of Advanced Materials, we strive to constantly push the boundaries of technology to make the lives of humankind easier. However, we believe in doing so while being in line the objective of establishing a sustainable future.