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Training & Courses
IAM offers a range of robust Training & Education programs to individuals and company resources in all stages of their professional careers. We offer adequate training programs with upgraded pedagogy, methods, and tools to help company and professionals upgrade in their professional journey. Our programs and collaborative teaching methods are jointly created by disciplinary experts with a focus on delivering sustainability related learning and education.

In line with our focus on Sustainability, our Training & Education programs offer resources, content, and training opportunities related to sustainability principles and education. IAM understands that there is a critical need for professionals to develop skills, talent, and motivation to work towards sustainability. Our programs are meant for policymakers, professionals, young researchers, students, and industry experts.

IAM offers continually evolving and customized sustainability education programs with carefully designed pedagogies. These programs are a method for IAM to break beyond conventional curriculum. We create interdisciplinary programs that combine multiple subject areas and subjects with a special focus on sustainability. These programs are designed and developed fundamentally to promote sustainability education and stimulate a deeper collaboration and partnerships among civil society, academia, and the economic structures of the nation.

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The Programs

Our certificate courses help you to develop a better understanding of materials science, engineering, and technology and their extensive applications in health, energy, and environment. We offer topic-specific courses and training delivered through lecture series of multidisciplinary experts from academia and industry. The professionals, researchers, faculty, policy makers, and students can join our programs on the following topics.

  • Biomedical Materials and Diagnostic Devices
  • Graphene Materials and Sensors
  • Advanced 2D Materials and Graphene
  • Advanced Molecularly Imprinting Materials and Technology for Sensing
  • Biosensors Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Applications
  • Advanced Bioelectronic Materials and Biomolecules
  • Energy and Environmental Technologies of the Future
  • Advanced Energy Materials and Renewable Sources
  • Smart Materials and Interfaces
  • Biotechnology and Sustainable Environment Management