About us
Industrial Training and Education

Institute of Advanced Materials is highly dedicated to supporting the careers of young graduates and upcoming professionals whose research interests align with the mission of the organization. As an institute deeply vested in research and education, we understand the importance of high-quality training for a young individual who is looking for an impetus in his career. We offer a wide range of training and education programs. We extend our support and training programs to professionals working in a diverse range of fields, including the sectors of energy, environment, health, and materials science. IAM’s education and training programs are designed with utmost care and an aim to deliver top-quality training to the individuals in order to help them excel in their respective sectors. All the training programs that IAM offers give the individuals an exposure to the business and professional world. Our programs are designed to give the trainees a glimpse of the life that they have planned to lead in their careers. In addition to this, working on IAM’s projects help the trainees get equipped with all the skills and knowledge that they are going to require on their way ahead in their careers.

World-class opportunities

The industrial training programs of IAM offer world-class opportunities to individuals. As a trainee in one of IAM programs, you get to participate and work on live projects for our clients from around the world. By doing so, you gain quality experience. The modules of each of these training programs are set by industry experts to ensure that the students get the best possible training. Over the years, Institute of Advanced Materials has become a known name in the world of industrial training as the programs sensitize the young professionals with almost all the requisite exposure, skills, and knowledge.

Building tomorrow’s innovators

The educational aim of the Institute of Advanced Materials is to prepare the innovators of the future. IAM is focused on helping and training professionals to enable them to work in resource-constrained environments. The goal is to prepare professionals who can produce useful, relevant, and effective solutions that can be implemented on large scale despite working with limited resources. By making professionals understand the steep challenges of an environment that offers limited resources, IAM prepare innovating minds for the future that can work with technology and come up with practical implementation plans for critical business problems. The opportunities that IAM offers to individuals through its training programs facilitate research partnerships between the trainees and experts from our networks. The programs that we offer are unique in terms of the exposure and extensive learning that they offer.

Why IAM?

Institute of Advanced Materials is known for the quality of its training and education programs. These programs and modules have been designed with the primary aim to help individuals transform into highly competent professionals who can overcome all the obstacles that the emerging technologies of the professional world. IAM gives the trainees access to world-class facilities and the guidance of industry experts. IAM leverages its vast and global network of technocrats into availing the best possible guidance for the trainees. This is the reason why the trainees at IAM receive the guidance of experts of their respective fields. The trainees get highly enriching experiences at the hands of world-class faculties.

Our offerings

Who should apply?

Institute of Advanced Materials is the perfect choice for every individual who is looking to get ane edge over his colleagues and peers. The programs are tailor-made for the individuals who are looking to learn the skills required to function in the competitive world, particularly in the sectors of health, energy, environment, and materials science. The undergraduates who are required to avail industrial training as part of their curriculum will find our programs a perfect fit. Moreover, the early career researchers and professionals who are looking for an impetus for growth in their careers can also apply to our high-quality industrial training programs.