Working to provide excellent services
Working to provide excellent services

Helping businesses across sectors and industries improve their services and processes

How we Work

Institute of Advanced Materials works in different fields and offers a wide range of services to support businesses and solve challenges that the business communities around the world face right now. Our services like global consultancy, Research & Development, Industrial Training, Technology Transfer, and innovations are targeted to help our clients enhance their business process and improve their prospects in the market. Our clients span across industries and our services have served clients all around the world.
Our Work Primarily Spans Over Three Major Areas

Our work primarily spans over three major areas


IAM is of the opinion that the use of new-age technology is of paramount importance in order to bring about the changes that can make these crucial business sectors innovate and help businesses grow. The Institute of Advanced Materials works with its network and partner organizations to develop new and innovative technology by providing various services like consultancy, research & development, and technology transfer.

Working to achieve excellence

The ability of Institute of Advanced Materials to improve the functioning of different business sectors around the world and help the organizations is made possible because of the huge network of technocrats and researchers that we have across the globe. We work in collaboration with our partner organizations, including International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) and VBRI, to help our clients improve their business prospects. IAM offers the best-in-industry services to clients and help them achieve excellence.

Our projects are carried out beyond just the lab with a vision to leave an impact on the real world, guided by our aims and motives of sustainability and positive change. Working with different organizations and partners around the world, Institute of Advanced Materials aims to assist in the development of solutions and services that can enhance the quality of human life.

Our Work

Building New Technology - iaam
Building New Technology

Institute of Advanced Materials, in partnership with its network of technocrats and researchers, help its clients by developing cutting-age technology and innovations that suit their needs. The institute creates new technology and helps its clients flourish their businesses and compete in the market in a positive manner.
Collaborating with interested stakeholders
Collaborating with interested stakeholders

The Institute of Advanced Materials is proud to have such a widely expanded network of technocrats and researchers all across the globe. The institute strives to create partnerships and form collaborations with organizations that have the same goals are looking forward to build a sustainable future for the world.
Sustainability | Institute of Advanced Materials

Institute of Advanced Materials is quite focused on working in line with UN’s sustainability guidelines future for the world. Our work with global consultancy, innovations, and technology transfer is focused on building innovative technologies and helping organizations do the same. We strive to help our clients develop technology and projects that can sustain in the market and help them succeed.
Global consultancy | Institute of Advanced Materials
Global consultancy

At IAM, we leverage our huge network of technocrats and researchers into helping organizations around the world to improve their business processes and build on new technology. As an institute, we provide high-end consultancy to organizations around the world, especially the ones working in the field of energy, environment, and health, so that the functioning of the businesses in these spheres improve and become more efficient.
Train students
Train students

Training young and confident students is also a major part of what Institute of Advanced Materials does. We aim to provide high-quality industrial training to graduate students and prepare them and their solutions to satisfy the needs that they face upon going out to the real world. We have a longstanding record of training students and young professionals for the kind of careers that they want to lead.
Translate research into results
Translate research into results

One of the biggest and primary aims of the Institute of Advanced Materials is to make possible the transition of quality research and knowledge into results and products that can actually help the end user. We conduct extensive translational research in different fields and make efforts to use this research into the betterment and enhancement of the technology and equipment used, especially in the sectors of energy, environment, and health.